Essay about Modern Leadership Role Of Minority Leaders

Essay about Modern Leadership Role Of Minority Leaders

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Modern Leadership Role Of Minority Leaders
I am a double minority, Native American and African American female, I always worked harder and longer just to get the same accolades, promotions, pay increases and respect as my white counterparts. Naturally, I harbor a certain amount of animosity because my perception is that White America does not believe minorities are either smart enough or strong enough to hold a C-level leadership position. In 2008 when Barack Obama, a black man, was elected President of the United States of America (USA), I finally believed there was hope for minorities in this country to rise to the occasion and prove we are equally as smart and talented enough to hold leadership roles without having to constantly prove ourselves to be equals. Is the dominate culture fearful they may one day become extent in the upper management positions that have been handed to them for centuries? This problem is no secret and rather obvious, yet, it is quite interesting the little attention paid to the examination of the differences in leadership styles regarding minorities in this society (Aronson, 2001). A minority could mean ethnicity, race, sex, or disabilities and limited research that does examine ethnic or racial differences is limited in their description of the difference in leadership methods between the minority leaders versus leaders from a more dominant culture. Is there a clear difference in leadership styles and roles between minority individuals versus dominant individuals that deems one more qualified to hold a top leadership position within certain industries? Is there certain styles of leadership Caucasian leaders have mastered and minorities are not capable of achieving the same effective results with ...

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... capable of being equally successful in upper management positions. The traditional notions of dominant western world leadership which emphasized the “great man theory,” where the leader (usually male) was the most educated, brightest, strongest and often “whitest” has to be phased out. The new crop of leaders has demonstrated skills to engage and empower people without discriminating. A good leader should be willing to learn and diversify his or her skills. With the current globalization, emerging technology, and more diverse communities, leaders have to be learning leaders to blend with their followers and the teams they are leading. The modern minority leaders demonstrate a great deal of changing the world to be a better place. They are striving to make the world equal to everyone therein. Modern leadership styles have been reinvented and are visibly paying off.

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