Essay on Mobile Health And Its Impact On Health Care

Essay on Mobile Health And Its Impact On Health Care

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We are living in electrifying times. Mobile health (mHealth) technology is changing every facet of the way we live. Possibly no area is more imperative or more reflective than the improvements we are observing in healthcare (Fox & Duggan, 2012). In current years, there has been an increase of wearable devices, social media, smartphone apps, and telehealth, and each has immense promise for the future of organized health care (Fox & Duggan, 2012). With the capacity to assemble and interpret patient-made data, these mHealth tools keep the assurance of changing the way health care is provided, proposing patients their own customized medical guidance (Manojlovich et al., 2015). Health care availability, affordability, and quality are questions everywhere in the world and big numbers of people do not get the quality care that they want (Manojlovich et al., 2015). Mobile technology proposes ways to assist with these challenges, and it can help lower costs by assisting the delivery of care, and linking people to their health care providers (Fox & Duggan, 2012). mHealth apps allow both patients and doctors to have access to suggested materials, laboratory tests results, and electronic health records.
Currently the Mayo Emergency Department (ED) facing big problems and we all trying our best to handle it. The problems and inconveniences related with overcrowding in the ED are complicated, and it is significant that ED nurses at possibility of ethical and emotional stress are not overlooked in strategic challenges to accomplish and progress this problem (Barish, Mcgauly, & Arnold, 2012). Nowadays ED overcrowding will be reducing through mHealth, because complex mHealth apps aid in areas for example; the management of chronic di...

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...ding to the ‘Mobile Health 2012’ report published by Pew Research Centre’s Internet & American Life Project, “85% of US adults own a cell phone; of them, 53% own smartphones. Half of smartphone owners use their devices to get health information. One-fifth of smartphone owners have health apps on their devices” (Fox & Duggan, 2012, p2). In the facility where I am going to perform this capstone project, all employees and majority of patients uses smart phones or other mobile devices. There are iPhone apps and websites available that inform the patient of wait times at different ED, and using these apps, patients can select the ED with the least wait time for suitability or if they believe their problem needs faster approach to emergency care (Ventola, 2014). These form of applications, may offer a means to reduce the serious problem of ED overcrowding (Ventola, 2014).

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