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The Electronic Health Record:
Technology that is Transforming Nursing Practice
Over the past decade, technological advances have paved the way for nurses to provide, quality, safe, standardized and individualized patient care (Saba & McCormick, 2015). The use of the Electronic Health Records (EHR) to manage patient data is quickly becoming widespread in the healthcare industry. The emerging use of the Electronic Health Record, is transforming how nurses care for patients. By creating and implementing an electronic, comprehensive, standardized method of recording patient data, nurses can facilitate and coordinate patient care with members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team. The use of the Electronic Health Record will promote positive
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Functional Purpose of the Electronic Health Record
The purpose of the Electronic Health Record is to provide a comprehensive, standardized and universal digital version of a patient 's health records. The availability of a patient 's digital health record provides health information and data for critical thinking and evidence based decision-making, aggregates patient data for quality assurance and research. The Electronic Health Record has been, "identified as a strategy for effectively and efficiently coordinating and maintaining documentation of patients health histories and as a secure method of providing more informed clinical decision making" (MNA, 2006). Key Features of the Electronic Health Record for
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To effectively use the Electronic Health Record, the nurse needs to have knowledge of technology in addition to clinical competency (Linder, e.tal, 2007). This is a common barrier of implementing the Electronic Health Record. Initially, the conversion from paper charting to electronic charting is frustrating, this is particularly an issue for veteran nurses. Veteran nurses are use to a routine, documenting in pen and paper is the only method of documenting they have ever experienced. Nurses are trained and educated with a protocol-based and systematic methods of caring. The implementation of the Electronic Health Record presents a change in the way nurses care for patients (HIT, 2015). Veteran nurses that have worked in the healthcare system for over 30 years and have always used paper charts, now have to re-learn how to chart with the Electronic Health Record (Anders & Daly, 2010). Understanding the nursing related barriers of implementation of the Electronic Health Record is
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