The Minimum Wage Of 8 Dollars Essay

The Minimum Wage Of 8 Dollars Essay

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Majority of those who live in poverty do not have jobs because they are not accessible or those jobs do not pay enough. In America majority of states have a minimum wage of 8 dollars an hour. If one works 40 hours a week and earns this wage, their monthly income would reach roughly $1,280 before tax. These wages, as seen in Edin and Shaefer’s book, are not enough for families to live on. Jennifer, a mother interviewed by Edin and Shaefer, faces problems of inability to pay for food, shelter and clothes for her kids. “Jennifer’s circumstances are not rare. About one in four jobs pays too little to lift a family of four out of poverty. Low-wage workers are concentrated in the service sector; the typical American experiences direct benefit from their labor” (Edin & Shaefer 2015 p 43). People in poverty who hold jobs face bosses who take advantage of them. The sociologists determine that, “for those who actually find, work, low hourly pay is not the only issue plaguing the $2-a-day-poor. Researchers estimate that American workers lose billions of dollars each year to what is referred to as “wage-theft”-clear violations of labor standards that include paying less then minimum wage, forcing employees to work off the clock, and failing to pay mandated overtime rates” (Edin & Shaefer 2015 p 162). Regulations for employees clearly do not exist, as an employer overtime must be compensated as well as paying full minimum wages. Those struggling with poverty cannot fight back against the injustice because they will lose their job and have no way of providing for their families. In the film Inequality For All, Robert Reich argues for the need to increase minimum wage for Americans. Reich notes that the importance of spending for a capitalistic ...

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...gitimate children because women will no longer have the right to decide for themselves. The lack of decision would lead the mother to either a) keep the child and try to provide for them and ultimately live in poverty b) place the child in the foster system in the hopes that the federal government will raise the child (c) women will undergo illegal abortions and face the health repercussions. Murray would argue that legalized abortions should not be legal regardless of the outcome because abortions goes against American Values. As a conservative, Murray would not stand by a woman aborting her child but he also would not stand by allowing this mother to collect welfare checks, what now? Abortions should stay legal in the United States and become affordable for all women in order to allow women the personal responsibility to determine their own life choices. [……………………]

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