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The Mighty City Of Sparta Essay

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The Mighty city of Sparta was founded in in the year 900 BCE. With it came one of the mightiest armies known today. They were known as one of the greatest military force to ever live. The Spartan army was one of the best around during its time. The training that they went through was some of the hardest ever known. They weapons that they used were made specifically for certain circumstances. The Armor that they wore was very well made and the best that could be made. Sparta had a culture that was one of a kind. Even after they declined and eventually fell, they have left a legacy that will stand tall for generations to come.
Sparta was different than any other Greek city-state in many different ways, most notably was their education system called agoge. This Training took over 23 years of the boy’s life and it prepared them to follow commands willingly, to persevere with toil, and to conquer in battle. Above all, it instilled conformity in every Spartiate, and taught the finest lesson, which is to rule and to be ruled (Campbell, D., & Noon, S., 2012). Spartan boys went through a specific training regime between the ages of seven and twelve. This training was supervised by a warden called the paidonomos. His authority allowed him to punish anyone who misbehaved using a whip. At this stage in the training, the boys were not allowed to wear shoes. The reason behind this was that leaping, jumping and running were accomplished more swiftly barefoot. They also believed that this was good because it would harden a Spartan warriors feet at a young age. When it came to food, the boys were not allowed to eat whenever they wanted, instead the food was rationed. This was done because they believed that “a diet that produces slim bodies woul...

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...w to use them. Spartan culture was also interesting. They were a Polytheistic religion and believed that their faith was more important and took precedence over battle. And lastly, their decline had to do with a number of different facts such as politic, ideology, and economy. The Spartan army was one of the greatest military forces to ever exist, and will be remembered for quite some time.


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