Essay On The Differences Between Athens And Sparta

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It would be a misconception to believe that education was the same all over ancient Greece. Although most Greek cities had an education system that was somewhat similar there were a few that did not. The two cities that had the most extreme differences in education systems would be Athens and Sparta. Although Athens did not force mandatory schooling and the education of children in the same way that Sparta forced military training, the state still took some interest in the prevailing educational conditions. Without offering state run schools they still provided elementary, musical, and physical instruction which Sparta did not. Considering this, the Athenians had a more diverse and overall better education than the Spartans.
At the young age of eight Spartan boys were taken away from their family and
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From what we understand of Sparta, the agoge was the education. They had no daily lessons and most of their education “was directed towards responsiveness to command, endurance in hardship, and victory in battle” (Rhodes, no. 95 = Plutarch, Lycurgus, 16. vii – 17. vi). Spartan citizens wanted to make sure that their sons got beneficial training so “each man [was not] permitted to rear and train his sons as he wished” (Rhodes, no. 95 = Plutarch, Lycurgus, 16. vii – 17. vi). This way all of the male children were trained properly for battle so that they would grow up to be strong soldiers who were able to fight for Sparta. While education in Sparta was quite military in form, Athenian education was “divided into two parts: gymnastics for the body and music for the soul. For the former
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