Sparta And Sparta's Influence On Social Life

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The life of both cities was strongly influenced by governmental organization. For instance, because Sparta was military polis and this has strong influence on how they treat infants, children, gender roles, education, merit questions, craftsmanship and military affairs itself. While for Athens 'freedom ' which came with birth of democracy had influence on social life. For instance, rule of wealth dictated the way society organized and how each piece of social life was organized. Ancient Sparta has rough organization of social life. According to Brand, due to the fear, because of conquered Helots rebellions they were forced to reorganize their government rule in vector of militarism, which led to inevitable change of social life (n.d., p.3). Spartans were obsessed with military supremacy, this even lead to infanticide when "weak or punny” babes were killed. What was interesting about their medical examination…show more content…
While girls were training mainly in order to become efficient "baby factories”(Brand, n.d., p.7). Boys began tough training known as "agoge”. The aim of it was to train boys to withstand harsh weather condition, lack of food and train sneak skills of the one. Every year only one coat was given to wear during it nevertheless of season. Practically minimum of food was given to them, so they were constantly living in the state of malnutrition. Accordingly to Brand, in order to survive they were encouraged to steal a food but if they have been caught severe punishment was applied, not for the fact of stealing, but because of being found (n.d., p.6). Such acts has given the birth of stories which were told for children. One of those stories was about the spartan boy who captured a live fox. In order to not be exposed to passing soldier he hid it under his coat allowing fox to bite his stomach and showed no sign of pain in his body or face ("The Spartan Family”,

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