Essay Microsoft Office Vs. Office Specialist Test

Essay Microsoft Office Vs. Office Specialist Test

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Everyone knows the basics of Microsoft Office, but do you know how to use the COUNT formula in Excel or create a signature line in Word? Taking classes in high school and being a part of the Future Business Leaders of America (FLBA) organization allowed me to learn the more advanced features of Microsoft Office. The FBLA organization helped me do this by competing in computerized competitions at the local, state, and national level. My high school even offered the Microsoft Office Specialist test, which allowed me to become certified. Starting my sophomore year of high school, I had no idea I would become so literate in the Microsoft Office programs of Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint.
When I was a sophomore, I took a computer applications class, which focused mainly on the four major programs in Microsoft Office. We started with the basic knowledge that everyone should know. We moved on to the more difficult information, where I started learning valuable and helpful hints to get a job done more efficiently and effectively. As the teacher stands at the front of the room, she explains that we must take certain steps to get the product we want. We went through the different programs, learning new techniques that were easier to use. One of the formulas that I learned was the VLOOKUP. This formula meant nothing to me back then, but I recently just used it at work to look up information in a huge Excel file. The formula allowed me to do this quickly and gave me a feeling of pride since I remembered how to do it. Even though I thought I would never use a lot of the information I learned from my sophomore computer application class, I have used many different things since then.
Being a part of the computer applications class, my t...

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... they are struggling with. Helping people with Microsoft or computer problems gives me a sense of pride, because I love helping others.
Looking back at my high school experience through FBLA and computer classes, I never thought I would become so literate in the program of Microsoft Office. My computer applications class my sophomore year taught me many things that I still use today, for classes in college and even in my job at the Teachers’ College. The FBLA organization showed me that I could accomplish and learn anything that I set my mind to, including returning to the national conference stage. Finally, I got certified in a few of the programs, which allows me to help others with their computer or Microsoft programs. I never imagined that one class and one small school organization would create such a huge impact on my life and make me so literate in Microsoft.

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