Essay On Information Technology In Business

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Information Technology for Business Success: the new way to communicate There is no doubt that the present time is the Technology era when the use of technological inventions dominates all different aspects of life: computer, cellular phones, world wide web, radio and satellites. That is, technological inventions have improved. Storing information, sending and receiving messages, electronic governments, distance education, health services and business. With the intervention of Information Technology, the means of communication in business which is a very important field in modern societies including banking, shares market, marketing, trading has been intensely changed. This essay will argue that Information Technology has positively changed communication in the business world. Information Technology implications have enhanced the ways businesses communicate in business areas including marketing, stock market, shopping and banking. Communication modern technological tools that have been enhanced by Information Technology are having an impact on changing the very structure and communication of banking. That is, clients are enabled to make their banking transactions whenever and wherever they want. Bank clients, by just logging on their online account, can transfer any amount of money from their account to any other account, check their last processed banking transactions and apply for loans and other banking services. According to Keyes ( 2000, p.591) 'electronic checks provide consumers with the benefits of convenience and safety while allowing billers to maintain their existing depository relationships with their banks'. Further, e-mails has enabled bank employees to notify their customers of any new enhanced bankin... ... middle of paper ... ...lude Internet pages, home phones, mobile phones and the like which facilitated communication means between marketing agencies and clients all over the world. Indeed Information Technology contributed in the communication revolution that occurred in many fields like business and will still facilitate means of business transactions management. 6 List of reference Janal, D 1998, Online marketing handbook, John Wiley & Sons, New York. Keyes, J (ed.) 2000, Financial services information systems, CRC Press LLC, Florida. Li, F 2007, What is E-business ?: how the Internet transforms organizations, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford. Zeleny, M (ed.) 2000, The IEBM handbook of information technology in business, Thomson Learning, London. Shannon, T & Heinemann, M 2004, Business communication & technologies, Johny wiley & sons, Queensland.

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