Mental Illnesses And Intellectual Disabilities Essay

Mental Illnesses And Intellectual Disabilities Essay

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As a young adult, growing up with multiple social media accounts is nothing new. People all across the world are connected with a free app and this technology has both positive and negative sides. Mental illnesses and intellectual disabilities are something that people all around the world suffer from each day. Those affected often have difficulty with simple, everyday activities and looking at social media might just add to the feeling of being different. To me, the media poorly portrays the effects of these disorders, illnesses, and disabilities more often than they show what they truly are. The media allows for pictures, articles, and posts to be shown all over the world, whether they are hurtful or helpful. There are many cases that awareness for those suffering is raised, but it is just as simple to find the misuse of the names of these disorders, illnesses, and diseases.
Mental illnesses and intellectual disabilities are often used completely out of context on social media. On any given day one could search the hashtag ‘bipolar’ and come up with various Twitter users posting that they are bipolar about daily activities. Bipolar disorder is real and can affect people at any age. No comfort could be found seeing that someone is joking about this disorder and making it into something that it very well is not. In this sense, bipolar disorder is portrayed as changing your mind quickly about something, not a change in mood, attitude and feelings. As a young adult seeing the difference in how illnesses and disorders are portrayed as to what they really are is important. Keeping in mind that you cannot change the way that everybody else in the world uses these terms is irrational, but anybody can make a difference by sharing a post...

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... the world can connect with a simple tap of a screen. This is mixing cultures and people with all sorts of different backgrounds. This technology is incredible, and something many couldn’t live without, but with the ability to talk to others around the world comes the responsibility to not cross any lines. In America it seems that those using social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others are making it seem more okay to use the names of mental illnesses to describe people and objects frequently and incorrectly. A mental illness is not a way to describe someone, it is their way of life, something that they cannot always avoid and cover no matter how badly they wish too. The portrayal of these illnesses and intellectual disabilities in the media makes them out to be something less than they are often times and that is degrading to those who suffer.

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