Essay about Mental Illness and Mass Shooting

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A series of shots being fired in the near distance can be heard. A crew of ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks are seen speeding down the streets while blaring their sirens to warn people to move out of the way rapidly. Then, crowds of people are seen running down the street franticly. Sounds of earsplitting yells fill the air. Their eyes are filled with tears of fear and terror. They look as if they were running for their lives. There is a wave of worry and curiosity that washes over everyone’s face as they stand there from a distance watching it take place. There was a sense of wanting to run towards the chaos to see what was going on. But the panic of the people running gave off the feeling of “Warning! Do NOT come this way!” What was happening? Later that night, the news reports that another mass shooting took place earlier on in the day. In the 21st century, many crimes involving mass shootings are the main focus of the public eye in the media. With the technology of the 21st century, investigators are able to look more into depth of the criminal’s background to see if they have a history of mental illness.
Everything that happens in life tends to have a trend. A trend is a general tendency or inclination. Believe it or not, mass shootings can have trends. Some of the most deadly and popular mass shootings took place in the 21st century. Some cases can be dated all the way back to the 20th century or maybe even earlier. Based on a list of the most deadly shootings, in the 20th century the time span between the shootings ranges from one to seven years. Based on the same list, the mass shootings that occurred in the 21st century that are considered to be most deadly were only one to two years apart. The trend taking place ...

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