Analysis Of Mass Shootings And A Mental-Health Disgrace

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In his Wall Street Journal article, “Mass Shootings and a Mental-Health Disgrace,” Tim Murphy, a United States representative from Pennsylvania and a psychologist in the Navy Reserve Medical Service Corps, analyzes the correlation between mentally ill individuals and the mass shootings that have been making headlines recently. Murphy has come up with the idea of a new bill: the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. He says this bill will help those individuals who have mental disabilities get the help that they need before their disabilities get any worse. In today’s world, people with a mental illness get sent to prison if they do something wrong instead of getting sent to a psychiatric hospital where they belong. I think this…show more content…
Some tax payers might think they are wasting their money on a lost cause. Others might not want to pay it because they do not see it as their responsibility; the mentally ill patients family should fund the bill, not the people who have nothing to do with it. And while I see why this bill can anger some, these displeased tax payers have to realize how many lives they can be saving by supporting this bill. The bill will be able to give patients the help they should have been given from the start. And if these tax payers do not see it in themselves to help these patients, then I do not see how they can live with themselves knowing they could have aided someone into getting the help that they…show more content…
In his article written in Salon, “It 's not about mental illness: The big like that always follows mass shootings by white males,” Arthur Chu, an author at Salon, argues that using the term “mentally ill” is just a “cop-out” (Chu). He also makes a point in saying that no one in the medical field has confirmed that the lack of the shooters mental stability is the cause of his or her violent behaviors. Chu believes that instead of saying how these shooters are mentally ill, people are avoiding using other terms, such as: “ 'toxic masculinity, ' 'white supremacy, ' 'misogyny, ' or 'racism '” (Chu). He explains that the term “mentally ill” is used to protect the shooters image. In actuality, the media blows the “mentally unstable” excuse way out of

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