Mental Illness

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According to Vasquez (2008), the rate of persons with mental illnesses will rise to 176 million persons in 2010, compared to 114 million persons in 1990. With the increase in this rate there will be a subsequent increase in the discrimination and abuse of these persons. Mentally ill persons may be thought of as a vulnerable group in our society and discrimination and abuse against these persons usually exist because other persons take advantage of their vulnerability. Not only are persons discriminated on a social level but they are also susceptible to physical abuse from persons who do not fully understand mental illness, or persons who belong to a culture that states that persons with mental illnesses are evil. Although there has been an emergence of community based care of mentally ill persons, persons may still abandon their relatives to the healthcare system. Resulting in the government being burdened with taking care of these persons for fear of the social stigma attached to mental illness. In Jamaica persons with mental illness may face discrimination and abuse and it may have economic implications on the healthcare system.


A) Persons may face discrimination because they have a mental illness.

I. Persons with mental illnesses may not receive the same employment opportunities as persons without mental illnesses. In addition persons who have mental illnesses in the workplace may face ostracism from their colleagues even if they have a minor mental issue. Corrigan, Roe and Tsang (2011) in their book chapter ways summarize in which persons with mental disorders may suffer from discrimination which is important to this essay.

II. Persons who have mental issues may be isolated in their social and family lives. ...

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...e approach.

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