Medicare Privacy in Australia Essay

Medicare Privacy in Australia Essay

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The Australian Health Care System is regarded world class for its effectiveness and efficiency. It consists of the mix system of health providers in both the private and public sector. The funding mechanism is highly advantageous to its entire citizen, which consists of the 30% Rebate, Pharmaceutical Benefit and Medicare. In particular, Medicare has been ensuring all Australian nationals with access to free and low cost medical, optometric, hospital care with special option to private health services in special circumstances.
In an effort to further improve the Australian Health Care System, an initiative was formulated in December 2008 in the Australian Health Ministers Conference for a National E-Health Strategy. This aims to formulate consolidated medical information of all Australians with the aim of optimizing the quality and efficiency of health delivery through electronic communications and information technology to ensure the right health info at the right time and place in a manner that privacy is secured. This initiative was highly regarded as a major achievement of the incumbent government upon its complete realization.
Upon its initiation this was forwarded to the Senate Community Affairs committee and known as “Healthcare Identifiers Bill (HI)” as proposed by Ms Nicola Roxon, Minister of Health, for inquiry and report on significant changes. The Minister of health has relied on Medicare as secure guardians of Medical information. In this case that the HI bill will have not much objections and gain support of the senate committee and thus earn favourable endorsement.
This bill aims to provide every Australian a 16 digit identity number and more than 600,000 healthcare providers such as pharmacist, psychologist, podi...

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... rely on the strict adherence to good morals and conduct to provide order and utmost benefit for all.

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