The Media 's Puppet Strings

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As the mind matures and grows, new opinions are formed with the help of the revolutionizing consciousness of humanity. The human conscious allows humanity to develop individually and gain unique cognitive patterns and thinking processes. However, these opinions can be manipulated by environmental sources, like the media. The media’s puppet strings can be used to influence the minds of the masses and control their overall thinking process. It takes away an individual’s freedom to think for themselves and form their own opinions. Manipulation is a key ingredient in attaining support for a side of an argument. News networks have this ability to twist the minds of their listeners and unconsciously force them to believe in their words. Two of the most dominant manipulators prowling the news networks, would be CNN and Fox News. Each network has the capability to manipulate the way an audience perceives and reacts to a current event. Nevertheless, Fox News and CNN appeal to pathos, logos and ethos differently, to charm their audience into trusting them. These literary techniques are used often in the battle of Global Warming, a debate of whether climate change is caused by human beings or not. Even “scientists can’t agree on whether the climatic changes are part of a natural cycle or the result of manmade global warming” (“Our Changing Climate”). This debate affects the lives of the world’s public, influencing the way the government and the populace view the Earth. Fox News and CNN appeal to pathos, ethos and logos to manipulate their targeted audiences in trusting their stance on Global Warming. News networks have one goal when using the strategies of pathos, ethos and logos; to influence the greatest amount of Americans to believe th... ... middle of paper ... ...s mankind now knows that “the temperature models were wrong, as” the Earth is “now in a two-decade pause” (“President Emphasizing Climate”). This pause in global temperatures shows that global temperatures have not been rising to the extent Global Warming predicted. For the past seventeen years and eleven months, temperatures have only risen 0.34 ºC, which is half of the temperature rise that the IPCC graphs predicted (Morano). This contradiction is evidence which proves that the Global Warming graphs exaggerated the extent that the planet would warm. This supports the belief that mankind is not causing as much damage as they thought the carbon dioxide concentrations were in the atmosphere. Fox News uses current data, graphs and scientific statements to prove that the planet is not warming as much as Global Warming predicted, proving it may just be a natural cycle.
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