Media's Effect on Public Opinion

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Public opinion regarding politics is a hot-button subject. It can make or break a politicians career or if a bill or initiative passes or fails. In this age of instant access to information we are constantly updated on current affairs by a plethora of outlets such as The Internet on sites like or or Television for either cable news like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC or CSPAN. There is also smartphone access to news sources via apps that update you on breaking news or Basic Cable news like NBC Nightly News. Newspapers are also a large method. There are many different ways for citizens to keep up with political news. Sometimes the opinion of specific anchors or channels can influence thousands to hold certain views or it can deter people from other views depending on what news source you get most of your information from. Public opinion is what all of politics hinges on, especially in America. Here the public is what elects you into office so if you don’t please the public, chances are you will have a short career in politics. If you hold an unpopular view on a political subject you can be subject to criticism or outright attack. This goes for any citizen but is especially true for the politicians in the public eye or personalities on television, radio or any other media outlet. Public opinion is greatly influenced by the media.

How we get information in today’s society is very important. There is a wide pool of resources at our fingertips and it can all be accessible in seconds. For the most part we as a country have access to the Internet, whether it is by going to the public library, using a personal computer at home or at a coffee shop or through your smartphone or tablet computer. Aside from the Interne...

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...the time.

In conclusion I have noted several methods of news media that the public has access to. Many personalities have different methods of getting their opinion to the public and some try to stick with one or two at the most. All of these methods greatly influence public opinion concerning politics and politicians. In this country, public opinion is incredibly important to the success of politicians or movements. If you don’t carry a significant number of people in this country your success as a politician is not going to happen. The biggest method people have to get their message out to the public is mass media. If the media decides they don’t like you the results can be devastating. It is almost as important to please the media as it is to please the American public! Public opinion is greatly influenced by the media.

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