Essay about The Media 's Image Of Beauty

Essay about The Media 's Image Of Beauty

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Racism. Colorism. Self-hatred. White Supremacy. These are all the effects left from slavery and as time passes by generation after generation are still being taught such deplorable ideals. Many may argue that racism is not a shared notion of the majority or it is not as relevant in our modern society, but in reality it is just as prevalent as it was for our country’s African American ascendants. In today’s society black people are granted equal rights as Americans, so how we are still being is chained down by the slave mentality? The government may have given us equal rights as citizens, however white supremacy is still reigning over American citizens because of the mass media. Through the use of the media’s limited portrayal of beauty, its continuous westernization of black people, and the constant reminder of white privilege, we as a people lose our identity, which leads to the submission to white supremacy.
The media’s limited image of beauty plays a serious role as to why black women and men feel hatred within themselves. Constantly we are being bombarded with imagery in many different magazines, television shows, advisements and other media that is completely different from our natural appearance. These images consist of black celebrities/people with chemically lightened skin and surgically induced European features. It goes to show that the media glorifies those who look more European and shames those of us who don’t, which makes it “undeniable that modern media adheres to a strict white beauty standard.” (Waluono 40). As the result of relaying these images Black America is faced with feelings of “low self-esteem and, a degree of self-hatred” because it “excludes and hurts any woman or man that doesn’t fit” within those sta...

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...e ideals of white supremacy are still being passed down to the current generation. The government has instilled an inferiority complex in the minds of black people. Even though it can be argued that the media has been used for of the repair the African American community in some cases, unfortunately the damage to the self-image and sense of self of Black America is irreparable. The media is indeed an instrument used for white supremacy because it “understands the slave mentality”, and “understands the power of dominant imagery to affect the consciousness of the society” (Blay). It projects “images of Europeans and advertisements for European commodities in an effort to construct and further validate a superior white identity, it appears that in the press’s continual projection of European beauty ideals, that they too continue this legacy of White supremacy” (Blay).

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