An Essay About Beauty

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There are so many different opinions on what beauty is. The idea of beauty is purely opinionated. Beauty is your own idea, skinny or thick, long hair or short hair, light skin or dark skin. How people define beauty is unique in many different ways everyone has a different opinion. No ones idea of beauty is the same. In society today it has become more materialistic based if you wear the latest designer or you have the newest pair of sneakers out and the true meaning of being beautiful has escaped our souls. Beauty is not just what we see on the outside it is so much deeper then what we see its what we also have to offer on the inside.Your intelligence is beauty your mind, body, and soul. Beauty is not a single image, but the active embodiment…show more content…
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”( The question is does the moon know that it is beautiful. Someone only knows they are beautiful because someone else has told them. If no one ever tells you that you are beautiful then do you believe that you are. The problem we have is there are people who never get told they are beautiful and the only imagine of beauty is what they see on tv and if they don 't look like that then they think they are not beautiful. If you believe something is beautiful it’s based off your personality and individuality. How you think for yourself the decisions you make on your own the clothes you wear to make you feel good. The key word in all that is you. What you believe is beautiful may not be to someone else that does not mean it is not considered beautiful its just a different opinion. I think thats what we need to understand, everyone is different and being different isn 't a bad thing, it means you are brave enough to be yourself! Be yourself. That is a major key. Coco Chanel once said “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” Would the world be better off if everyone agreed on what is beautiful? If we were all the same society would be boring nothing new would ever be brought to the table everyones ideas would be the same. That is the problem we have today because the world has agreed on what is beautiful and that is the models we see in the magazine a thin waist pretty face but who says that is the only form of beauty? Who says that having orange hair isn 't beautiful or being 300 pounds. No where does it say there is a certain look that needs to be attained in order to have beauty. The more you see beauty the more beautiful you
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