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Throughout time, the most controversial subject among female’s health has been body image. Society and our culture molds females’s brains into believing that being thin is what will fulfill complete happiness. Being thin means you are more successful, loved, attractive, and overall truly beautiful. Thin women are seen as having an altogether perfect life. However, there is another female figure that is seen as undesirable, hopeless, mainly disliked by most. This type of woman is the curvy or larger female. If one were to go out on the street and gather a group of men and women and show them the thin vs. large female and which one is more attractive, most would say the thinner is. Thus, we deny the larger women because they do not fit societies norms. Thin women are timid to turn into this other that is not widely accepted. To this extent, society and our culture have constructed a monster.
Every thin female will admit at least one time in their lives they have been concerned about “getting fat” or “gaining extra weight”. When a thin female detects this, they are apprehensive one is becoming the monstrous other that is the larger female. As mentioned above, the thin female is what society and our culture commends as the definition of beautiful. What everyone notices about the thin female is that she’s most likely beloved, admired by many, envied by most, and effortlessly receives attention from the opposite sex. Yet, thin women bear the burden of psychological pressure to live up to these standards. Females carry this pressure considering it is basically hardwired (unless learning/finding out otherwise) into our heads to be concerned about our appearance. By this means, females do different actions to not become the monsterous la...

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...time because females will never be truly satisfied with their body image.

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