Essay about The Math And Verbal Sections

Essay about The Math And Verbal Sections

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The math and verbal sections are scored on an 800 point scale, with a total possible score of 1,600 points. In 2005, the College Board released a new test which added a writing section, bringing the total possible score of the test up to 2,400 points. Student scores on the writing portion of the test were not included in this case study. This was done first for the sake of continuity; since writing scores did not exist when NCLB was implemented, it would be impossible to gauge the impact of NCLB on these scores. Additionally, the College Board revised the test again in 2016, and making writing portion optional. They discovered that “the writing test added in 2005 "has not contributed significantly to the overall predictive power of the exam.”” Thus, there was nothing to be gained by using the student scores on the writing portion of the SAT assessment.
However, the math and verbal scores do tell a great deal about a students’ preparation for college and career. The College Board has determined that students who earned a “benchmark” score of 500 points on each section have a significantly higher chance of succeeding in college. In a report released by the College Board, the organization found that of the students who reached the 500 point benchmark, 65 percent were able to obtain a B- average in college courses during their first year. Furthermore, they also discovered that students who reached this benchmark had a significantly higher chance of staying in college and graduating.
For this study, the data on Pennsylvania state SAT scores were taken from the Commonwealth Foundation, which prepares a report each year from the College Board’s State report. The SAT scores of the individual school districts were taken from the Penns...

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...ill lags significantly behind the national average. In 2012-2013, the ACGR for Black students was 70.7percent, which is significant, but still below the national average. The same is true for low-income students. While there have been gains, the graduation rates for low-income students in 2012-2013 was 73.3percent, roughly the same as the national average in 2001-2002. Thus, during the NCLB years, it seems that on a national level there was some progress in overall graduation rates for all students, the achievement gaps persist. The national patterns are reflected in Pennsylvania; in 2012-2013 black students graduated at a rate of 72.6percent, whereas white students graduated at a rate of 89.7percent. Low-income students graduated at a rate of 76.5percent. Chart 2 depicts the achievement gap, and demonstrates that there has been little change in the achievement gap.

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