Inspiring Philosopher and Great Mathematician: Plato

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There were many great mathematicians that changed our perspective and understanding of math, Plato being one of them even though his focus was aimed more towards philosophy and life. Plato was well known for his work in mathematics, philosophy, and for his influence in Western philosophy and science.

Plato wasn’t the most influential person in math, but he did do his fair share of contributions in the math community. One of Plato’s most important contributions is creating the Academy of Athens, which was an institute that was devoted to teach young mind about philosophy and the sciences. Plato also introduced the theory of forms which suggested that all objects were perfect forms, not just random shapes.

Even though Plato didn’t have much influence on mathematics he did have a major contribution to philosophy. Plato formulated important questions about life and ethics that have a major role in philosophy today. One of his major works that he wrote was The Republic; it insightfully compared the understanding in the state and the understanding of an individual person. Plato also contributed to development of philosophy and philosophical thinking in the West. Plato had many major works that influenced our view on modern philosophy; some of the works included The Apology, and The Timeous. Plato is truly recognized for his various works in philosophy. Many of his works are still discussed and read in English class. Without his influence the world would have never known about the fascinating thoughts he had about life and his perspective on it.

Plato did not just influence philosophy or our perspective of life it also inspired his students; most of his students went on to become famous scientists or philosophers. They were taught...

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...lato decided he would travel across the Mediterranean and he studied with the Pythagoreans and also the Egyptians.

During Plato’s final years he spent his time in the academy and his writing and philosophy. He died in 854 in Athens, Greece. Plato left a legacy and his teachings with us and it entirely changed our point of view on life, philosophy, and math. Without his teachings many great philosophers and mathematicians would not have been inspired.

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