Mastering Of Mastering Through Acquiring Learned Skills Essay

Mastering Of Mastering Through Acquiring Learned Skills Essay

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According to Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzo, “Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” This is a valuable saying because it conveys great wisdom. Mastering may be defined as acquiring a set of skills and developing them into perfection. To add, this quote suggests two different ideas of mastery. “Mastering others is strength” suggests the idea of mastering through acquiring learned skills. Learned skills develop by examining qualities in other people. When Tzo says “mastering yourself is true power,” he suggests that mastering may also be developed through one’s natural skills. These are skills that are inborn and characterized with talents that give you unbound potential. Mastery that stems from one’s natural skills over learned skills is of greater competence because it creates stronger leadership, better mental and emotional well-being, and refines one’s vocation in life.
Leadership is of greater prominence when one uses their natural abilities to master themselves. Yet, one may attempt to lead by mastering the qualities they see in other people. This is problematic because interaction with people from different backgrounds, settings, and situations becomes awkward. One must be steadfast in using their natural skillset because leadership calls for a consensual approach while dealing with uncertainty in taking action. If someone relies on learned skills, or skills deemed as “copying what they see”, then they are less likely to be innovating because they never developed a legitimacy for themselves. In other words, one’s leadership is authentic when they use their natural abilities. Furthermore, a reliance on one’s talents gives them a clear vision of what successful leadership is to them. When this general ...

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... obtained by two different ways, that is, by using either natural or learned skills. However, copying qualities that others learn to perfect, is not preferred. When one realizes his natural qualities within himself and molds them into perfection, then he becomes much more powerful. Utilizing natural talents result in better leadership because one is innovating and has a clear vison of what he is best successful in doing. Embracing one’s inter qualities promotes mental and emotional well-being by creating a positive perception on life in daily activities. Mastering ourselves by using one’s natural abilities creates personalized opportunities that are bounding to their life. In conclusion, mastery that develops through natural born skills is preferred because it results in better leadership, greater mental and emotional health, and a refined sense of vocation in life.

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