Importance Of Personal Development

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Personal development itself involves self-awareness, self-esteem, self-direction and self-efficacy, which leads to a life of personal, family, work and social welfare, which aims to achieve a path of transformation and personal excellence to be leaders of the new century . Succeed or succeed has always been what man has in mind when starting any project or task, which is why the development of the individual has managed to obtain an important and momentous place in the last decades, appearing many authors regard. That talk about how to achieve being whole and complete so that it can successfully carry out everything you do.
It has been shown that if we care about achieving quality all our activities will be conducted in a climate of trust and communication interacting with less stress; obtaining productive and healthy results.
The primary
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"It is an experience individual and group interaction through which subjects who participate in them, develop or optimize abilities and skills for open and direct communication, interpersonal relationships and decision-making, allowing you to know a little more if himself and his bandmates, to grow and become more human.
Each individual is called to develop; since birth has been given to all, as a germ, a set of skills and qualities to make them bear fruit. Endowed with intelligence and freedom, he is responsible for its development, helping, and sometimes clog so educated and surround ... man can grow, worth more, be more human: this is the ultimate purpose of personal development.
Many authors have referred to the perception we have of ourselves in different ways, such as: "Self-concept ¨ I argued life, ¨ ¨ self, self-image ¨ ¨ self-esteem, inner self World ¨ ¨ self-image, etc.
But all agree that every individual has a system of ideas, attitudes, values and commitment that will influence, to regulate and to regulate their behavior and attitudes towards life, love, family, couple and all human
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