Essay about Master 's Prepared Nurse Interview

Essay about Master 's Prepared Nurse Interview

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Grand Canyon University

College of Nursing

Maria Pelegri-Gonzalez

NUR 502 – Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles and Practice

January 14th 2015

Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview


The objective of this interview is not to nominate the subject (WG) for Nurse Practitioner of the year. The intent is to gain insight into the role higher education plays in presenting more opportunities for diverse career path. WG is a nurse practitioner who works with pulmonary physicians in a private practice setting. He exemplifies the professional nurse practitioner knowledgeable, kind and caring, that all in this profession should strive for. In addition, WG is always available to assist, mentor advice the staff and patients and the occasional nursing student.

Overview of Career
After high school graduation WG enrolled in college but was undecided as to major. He found a part time job at a fast food restaurant. The low pay, and repetitive mindless work made him more determined to continue his education. However he was still undecided as to what career to pursue. A friend then recommended him for a receptionist/security position with a group that counseled young people against gang membership and, drug abuse prevention. Interacting with troubled people, and the nurses inspired him. WG had found that his calling laid in helping people. He applied and was accepted into the ADN nursing program at school he was a student.
In the late 1970 's a nursing student was able to work as a nurse 's assistant, all the hospitals required was that the student passed a patient safety test. The test asked questions such as :
“If you walk into a ...

... middle of paper ...

... he has in practice has been the greatest insight gained from the interview.


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