Martin Luther King Jr. And The Civil Rights Movement Essays

Martin Luther King Jr. And The Civil Rights Movement Essays

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Everybody knows about black history month, it comes every february of every year. This is a month designated to black people and their history. Many people rejoice and celebrate during the month, for some it may fuel their fire against blacks, others may stand on the sideline watching as things happen. In schools, teachers usually try and at least talk about the month, or even mention it in their daily routine.
Today Violence has taken over the civil rights and black lives matter movements. Throughout cities across america riots and protests are uprising in the name if civil rights for black people. This isn 't what black history month was meant for, it wasn 't meant to remind everybody that they were slaves and that they were treated wrong. It is a month to celebrate what they have done to help america and the world. In schools teachers do not teach about all the good things that happened. Other than Martin Luther King Jr. and his involvement in the civil rights movement, nobody covers the true history of black people. In the article ON THE ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGE OF BLACK HISTORY MONTH FOR LIFE: THE CREATION OF THE POST-RACIAL ERA the author speaks of how people should be taught more about the history of black people and how they effected america in a good way. “Many politicians and observers of racial issues have argued that current racial problems are largely caused or exacerbated by a general ignorance of black history among the American population, and that proper historical education can provide an antidote to current racial problems.” If we would teach our kids about the history of Black people, it could assist to solve the problems of civil rights. If the people of these movements knew the background of the problems m...

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...l rhetoric and jurisprudence is called “racist” by its opponents because it relies on the manifestly false assumption that all significant racial problems have already been solved and promotes an interest in preserving the status quo. As Ashley Doane and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva argue, colorblind rhetoric is actually the opportunistic occupation of an anti historical standpoint in which all context is denied.
It is clear that students from across the United states all recognize the fact that black history month is so under taught and and forgotten. It is true that Because of these problems Americans tend to forget about african american history for the remainder of the year until february comes back around. If the school systems would just spend a little more time, or put forth a little more effort, the use of historical education really could begin to heal this nation.

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