Marketing Wellness and Prevention Essay

Marketing Wellness and Prevention Essay

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Suppose that you are tasked with managing a health care marketing division for a pharmaceutical drug. A junior member of your marketing team suggests that you increase the budget to invite health care providers to attend symposia in which they will be trained to be speakers. One goal of the marketing plan is to influence physicians to prescribe the drug. The team member has draft versions of brochures and DVD's espousing the benefits of the drug; these are to be distributed to physicians and patients as a way to boost sales. The team member also suggests that a bonus system be set in place for your sales representatives in their territories in order to increase the number of prescriptions that physicians make for the drug.

(A) What are some of the ethical issues associated with this marketing strategy?
Some of the ethical issues associated with this marketing strategy is that one goal of the marketing plan is to influence physicians to prescribe the drug. A lucrative bonus system encouraged sales representatives to increase sales of OxyContin in their territories, resulting in a large number of visits to physicians with high rates of opioid prescriptions, as well as a multifaceted information campaign aimed at them. In 2001, in addition to the average sales representative's annual salary of $55,000, annual bonuses averaged $71,500, with a range of $15,000 to nearly $240,000. Purdue paid $40 million in sales incentive bonuses to its sales representatives that year. From 1996 to 2000, Purdue increased its internal sales force from 318 sales representatives to 671, and its total physician call list from approximately 33,400 to 44,500 to approximately 70,500 to 94,000 physicians. Through the sales representatives, Purdue use...

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