Marketing, The, And Social Psychology Essay

Marketing, The, And Social Psychology Essay

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In marketing, certain issues must be put into perspective when trying to choose an advertisement plan. This is done in an aim to reduce the cost of the advertisement but also make sure a wide range of people are able to get the message. Most importantly, the people should be persuaded by the given information into the needs of the marketer. Some of these issue are the geographics demographics and also psychographics. In an effort to understand the consumers and the market, several academic disciplines have been important in their analysis. Such includes information technology, statistics and psychology among others.
Psychology is a very important part in advertising research. The commonly used branch of psychology in advertisement is social psychology which involves human social interactions. This helps to know how to influence our consumers’ conscious, subconscious and intuitive feelings. Understanding how the consumer thinks and what he/she wants will help find a solution to your market problems. Social psychology can also work via conscious decision in which the consumer’s mind is lured by giving them a strong reason to challenge their logic making the product a must have commodity. Also, the art of persuasion is learned through psychology. The marketer needs to learn how to make the consumer say yes. When carrying out an advertisement research, one needs to come up an advertisement that will appeal the consumers’ rage, love and fear. Exploring the consumers psychologically is helpful. This can be done by using the Cialdini’s six principles of influencing people. The principles incorporates methods of how to learn human minds (what they want, what they need and also how they need/want it) and use it as a method of convincing th...

... middle of paper ... it to information that can be easily interpreted to make judgmental decisions. With it, the number of consumers accepting the products and reasons for lack of efficiency of the advertisement can be clearly assessed and better methods of advertising and influencing the consumers suggested to be deployed. In terms of understanding the market progress, this discipline can be used in calculating the market strengths and vulnerability, potential areas of investment and even the progress of the advertisement in helping raise the sales of a given product. Statistics is therefore the backbone of all other disciplines in terms of data related information.
All the above three disciplines can be used together to achieve a high quality assessment of an advertisement to help the marketer come up with a superb advertisement to completely lure consumers into saying yes to them.

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