History Of Advertisements In Bangladesh

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Advertisement is a type of marketing communication used to attract or encourage an audience to take or continue some action. Usually advertisement contains commercial offering, or conscious messages and information. Advertisements have ancient history. In early ages Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages and wall posters. Later commercial messages and political campaign displays have been found in the ruins of Pompeii and ancient Arabia. Advertisements became hugely popular when it as carried over to commercial television in the late 1940s and early 1950s (Campbell and Thomas, 2014).
At present time advertisements are all around us. Thousands of advertisements are going on around the world market in every second. In just USA, the average
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As Bangladesh is a densely populated country it has one of the emerging markets in Asia. That is why advertisement industry has much potential in this country. There are many brand-secondary'>advertising firms in Bangladesh. Asiatic, Grey advertising, Mediacom, Adcom, Clockwork there are some popular and well established advertising agencies in Bangladesh. These agencies are making advertisements for so many corporate and governmental organizations. They are producing world standard commercials and attracting large sum of consumers in this country. Local and international organizations are spending huge amount of money each year on advertising to increase consumers’ interest toward the advertised products. Now a days ad maker are concentrating on capturing the emotional feelings or thoughts on particular matter and making ads focusing on it so that it makes a deep impact on consumer’s behavior and attitude towards the product. As a result, people are seeing advertisements that contain love, passion, culture, celebration, joy, patriotism and historic attachment. This research will try to find out and analyze the impact of advertisements on consumer behavior and attitude in perspective of Bangladesh consumer market.


The study that we tried to conduct is feasible with our field of education and also it
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But every advertisements are not only for commercial purpose but it can be used to increase social awareness too.Advertising might define as a communication process, a marketing process, an economic and social process, a public relations process or information and persuasion process (Arens, 1996).
Advertisements can be many types and each of them carries different impacts on different target. The latest study through a survey conducted in 2009 on the consumer behavior to different types of advertisements for products including Television, Online and Magazines, revealed that advertisements have modified the consumer behavior in such a ways that they only go for brand favorability despite of ad awareness in every type of media. Surveys show that magazine advertisements provide great impact on purchasing behavior of consumers. Mostly people go for purchasing according to the product value shown in advertisements despite of cost of the product as they spend a lot more than the actual value only due to the influence of advertisements (Rai,

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