Essay on Marketing Strategies For Marketing Objectives

Essay on Marketing Strategies For Marketing Objectives

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Marketing Strategies to Reach Marketing Objectives
It is essential to consider marketing strategies in order to reach marketing objectives. This process can be broken down into four sections. The sections are product strategies, pricing strategies, promotion strategies and distribution strategies. All of these subjects are important to acknowledge when developing a marketing strategy and must be considered equally. Examining each part will provide a clear and complete interpretation of what the marketing plan in China for the iPhone should be.
Product Strategies
Innovation is a subject that Apple has always prided itself upon. There are multiple ways in which the Apple demonstrates innovation, whether it is in its devices or interface. The iPhone itself is always being upgraded. About every year a new iPhone is introduced into the global market. The iPhone’s software is also upgraded regularly. The iPhone’s iOS software is improved and rereleased about every couple of months. Furthermore, Apple and the iPhone are highly acclaimed for its innovative choices and features. They are on the leading edge of innovation. Each of these aspects depict why the iPhone is better than its competition.
When compared to its competition, the iPhone is very different in some ways but similar in others. The iPhones is seen as prestigious and well designed. The iPhone’s competition in China are seen more as communication devices and made just to get the job done. In addition, iPhones have more features and better connectivity.
Adapting a product is sometimes necessary when marketing it globally. For the iPhone, minor adaptations could be made in order to make it more appealing in the Chinese market. Language and location features could also be cu...

... middle of paper ...

The competitors of the iPhone promote their phones somewhat differently than Apple does. They promote their phone as simpler than how Apple promotes the iPhone. The competition sells itself in being affordable. The iPhone’s advertisements and promotions would focus on prestige and luxury, while its competition focuses on usefulness and lower price.
Distribution Strategies
When it comes to distribution, the iPhone would be distributed the same way that it already is in China. The packaging would most likely stay the same as well, but may be change in order to appear more appealing. It is necessary to review all of the documentation that is used by Apple to see if everything is up to date and in order. The iPhone will still be sold online and in the Apple Stores by the sales people. All of these aspects are similar to how the competition does their distribution.

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