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Apple’s product strategy What is product? Product can be anything, tangible and intangible. Product is anything that the company can offer to the consumer. Apple’s products are the best of service in the market. From computer to smartphone to tablet computer, today customer believe that if they get the apple product. Even that price is high also worth it. Apple products are usually high quality, so in some case that is the best of available device for customer. However, it is not perfect, many customers leave for a series of problems, so they deeply hurt. Apple's main hardware products: Apple Product Catalog Smartphone: iPhone series phones Notebook: PowerBook, iBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air Desktop: Mac Pro, iMac Small desktop computer: Mac mini Tablet computers: iPad, iPad mini …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that product can be anything, tangible or intangible. apple's products are the best of service in the market.
  • Describes the personal digital music players on ipod classic, ipod nano, shuffle, mini, hi-fi, and touch.
  • Explains that apple's computer products from 2006 use intel processors, but the ipad and iphone ios mobile devices use a self-designed a-series arm soc processor.
  • Advises that if apple's products cannot use online help resources to work properly, contact apple representative or aasp to determine whether you need to repair apple products.
  • Explains that apple may require you to return your apple product, apple retail store, or aasp location to carry in service. after finish service, you should immediately retrieve the apple products.
  • Explains that if apple chooses to provide service by e-mail, they will send you prepaid waybills and packing materials. once service is complete, the ars or aasp location will return the apple product to you.
  • Explains that apple will provide you with an easy replacement product or product easy to replace parts or accessories, such as a mouse, without using any tools.
  • Explains that apple's chief designer, jonathan ive, said that innovation is a struggle.

Apple will send you to prepaid waybills and packing materials, after that you can send your apple product to ARS or AASP location. Once service is complete, the ARS or AASP location will return the Apple Product to you. (iii) Do-it-yourself. (DIY) service Apple will provide you with an replacement product or product easy to replace parts or accessories, such as a mouse. It can be replaced without using any tools. Apple does not undertake DIY service and thus caused any labor costs. If you need further assistance and replacement, contact telephone number listed below Apple, or visit an Apple Retail Store or AASP location. When you submit a valid claim under this warranty, apple have three option .The first you can use of new or previously used parts, a new apple product performance and reliability of service. Second you can replace a product, at least functionally equivalent to the Apple products and new or parts previously used is equivalent to the performance and reliability of the new form replace Apple products. Last, you can refund your purchase price in exchange for the return of your Apple

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