Marketing Plan For A Social Media Essay

Marketing Plan For A Social Media Essay

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Companies may also advertise their products by offering customers a discount or promotional code if they mention they saw the advertisement on a specific social media platform. This way, the customers will spread the word to their friends on their social networking profile. This is a great idea, and a genius marketing plan because I definitely would purchase a product if the company promised me a discount on it for using a social media site. In fact, I might even just sign up for a social media site if I got a discount alone. Marketers call this “eWOM” or electronic word-of-mouth, because consumers tend to trust their friends opinions on a product more than they would trust an advertisement. Therefore, if a happy customer posts on their profile how satisfied they are with their product that they purchased, odds are that at least one of the other users that they have on their profile will purchase the product as well. This homophily is also seen commonly amongst teenagers or young adults who purchase products that their friends may post online, because they think it’s the new “cool thing” to have, or the “hot new item”. For example, I saw many of my friends on Instagram post pictures of the new Kanye West Yeezys, and sure enough I went out to buy them because I was so intrigued by how many times I saw them online. My girlfriend also purchased the Kylie Jenner lipstick solely due to the fact that all of her friends, and other fans of Kylie said that the product was good. This just proves that the more that the eWOM is spread, the better the sales for that company (Chu & Kim, 2011).
The adoption of the internet and social media platform use by politicians has been growing steadily over the past two decades. More specifically, polit...

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...e number of people registered to vote. For people who don’t watch the debates, or much television at all, they are learning so much information about the candidates and politics just from reading it online. However, this could also have a negative effect. EWOM is not always a good thing, because the information being passed along on social networking sites could be false. For instance, the media is viewing Trump as this not so nice, hot-headed man, and twisting his words around to make him sound worse, but this may not actually be the type of person he is. Also, the viewers may another candidate because of the good things people are saying about them, but it may be false. Some may say that putting specific funding behind social media campaigning is a bad idea because there currently are more social media users than registered voters in the United States (Deck, 2015).

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