Essay about Marketing Decision And The Developing Marketing Strategies

Essay about Marketing Decision And The Developing Marketing Strategies

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Identity can be defined as a direct image of what a persons appearance, thinks, feels and behaviour (Americus Reed, Mark R. Forehand, 2012). It means how people see themselves and how others see them. According to Maslows hierarchy of needs, self-actualization needs at the top of the pyramid model which is the need of human hope to realize their potential and get self-satisfaction. Consequently, identity is the best embodiment of such indicators of this need. In addition to this, consumer behavior is the basic study of marketing decision and the developing marketing strategies. It is the consumer to obtain, use and disposal of the various actions taken by goods or services, including the decision in the first step and the decision making process. Therefore, identity as an important underlying need can show the motivation of consumer behaviour. The need for identity is important to understand consumer behaviour. Furthermore, consumer behaviour has a number of features. Firstly, different consumers have different preferences. Secondly, consumers are easily influenced by cultural background, economic and individual factors. Thirdly, sometimes it affected by reference groups. Then, in the premise of meeting consumer demand for real or potential, and companies also can influence consumption. Therefore, consumer behavior has these features likes diversity, complexity, behavior congruence and navigation that is difficult to understand. What is more, Michael R. Solomon and Gary Bamossy (2010) believed that gender, ethnicity, sexuality, location, nationality and class are the factors which shape a person’s identity. Based on this, according to postmodernism views that identity is far more complex and pay more attention to the individual le...

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...ddle class that can influences their others identity. According to Engel coefficient, the proportion of consumption for eating. Internationally, the proportion of a household 's family used to eat more than 70%, that is absolute poverty; the proportion used to eat about 60%, which is relatively poor; while the proportion used to eat between 50% and 60%, indicating that reached basic food and clothing. Therefore, the working class families, while increasing income, the proportion of expenditure for food products will be relatively reduced. For middle class, they shopping based on like it or not as the first criterion, then to ask the price, often to buy some of the luxury fashion and products. For example, people like to buy Land Rover in China because this is a sign of wealthy families with the high price. Buying public luxuries is a indicator to the class identity.

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