Consumer Socialization Of Children Essay

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According to Ozgen (1995) the process of consumer socializing of children is a combination of inputs like individual factors, socializing factors and learning mechanism in their childhood. The above drawn figure 1.1 explains that all these three factors, individual, socializing and learning mechanisms will act as input for consumer socializing of children across different situations and cultures. The below drawn table no 1.1 demonstrates the agents of socialization of consumer and their impact on the children. It explains that individual factors (socio-economic status, age and life period, gender), socializing factors (family, peer-group, school) and learning mechanisms (cognitive development theory, social learning and observational learning)…show more content…
1.4 showcases the various stages of consumer socialization of children by Deborah Roedder John (1999). This table reveals that the consumer socialization of the children happens in three distinctive stages like perceptual stage (3-7 years), analytical stage (7-11 years) and reflective stage (11 to 16 years) and children use different types of decision making and make use of different influence strategies in this period. For example in the Perceptual Stage (3-7 years) children will be expedient in their decision making and will possess limited repertoire of strategies and their adaptability is still in the infancy and evolving stage. Moreover, the perspective of children during the perceptual stage (3-7 years) will be egocentric. During the Analytical stage (7-11 years) the decision making of the children is relatively evolved and they will be thoughtful in decision making. During this stage children will possess two or more attributes and possess much expanded repertoire of strategies in their arsenal. Their level of adaptability is also relatively improved to moderate level and they possess dual perspective when compared to the egocentric perspective in their perceptual stage. In the third and final stage of consumer socialization of children i.e., Reflective Stage (11 to 16 years) children will strategic decision making and will have multiple attributes and possess complete repertoire of strategies within them. Their level of
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