Gender Identity And Identity

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People tend to be less conscious of how they daily use their bodies to express gender and how their bodies generate their identities. Dieting, makeup, nail polishing, wearing high-heels and body movements are one of the examples of the body self-disciplines, which the female unconsciously performs as a part of their gender identity every day. Foucault wrote that identity is a form of subjugation and exercising the power upon individual or society. As a part of identity, gender identity can be considered as a limitation of personal freedom, which prevents individual from moving outside fixed gender boundaries. The society establishes gender boundaries on different social levels according to existing norms and values prescribed to masculinity and femininity. Disciplining as “a political anatomy of detail” is one of the hidden mechanisms of power, which society uses to form ‘docile…show more content…
Judith Butler used the term ‘girled’ to account for how society set up binary gender categories: “The doctor who receives the child and pronounces – ‘It’s a girl’ – begins that long string of interpellations by which the girl is transitively girled: gender is ritualistically repeated,whereby the repetition occasions both the risk of failure and the congealed effect of sedimentation” [2, 49]. From the early childhood, parents create specific discourse and label gender of girl by choosing appropriate to accepted norms of femininity body adornment such as cloth of particular feminine colors: “an infant in dressed in pink is commonly expected to be sweet, graceful and pretty”[6 ,91] and design, buying appropriate toys and decorating child with ‘girlish’ accessorizes. Adults respond to the female infant according created self-fulfilling prophecy and create atmosphere for development of girl in frames of feminine
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