Autonomy Vs Autonomy

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Have you ever felt like people judge you, because of your skin color? Maybe, you have felt judgements due to your culture. Do you often feel like people are quick to stereotype and prejudge you? Many people pre-judge others, which leads to the assumption that, “…relying on racial and ethnic stereotypes when communicating with individual group members is counterproductive. Understanding others as individuals, while maintaining an awareness of general cultural norms, promotes effective interracial communication” (Orbe and Harris 25), which more individuals are becoming aware of over time. By further exploration of autonomy’s involvement in an individual’s personal identity development, the elements of personal identity that an individual may…show more content…
Biologically speaking, there are not many physical elements that we can change about our identity, but we can change our identity in every other aspect. However, it is possible to grow up adopting a culture that one is born with and embracing the culture that ties with the color of your skin and choose to adopt the traditions of another culture and identify within that culture. For example, someone born in Africa can identify as African and embrace the traditions of their land. Moreover, African people may move to America, and immerse in American culture. Later, they may acquire citizenship in America, after adopting cultures as their own. Some may object to this idea of a U.S. alien acquiring a U.S. citizenship. However, a person’s identity, and how others perceive them, does not determine a person’s citizenship status. Notably, one gains citizenship through a process. Furthermore, identity comes from how people choose to comprehend and perceive their own self. The elements of identity are limitless because you can choose to be whoever you want to be, despite the opinions of others. Thus, one’s identity tends to be unique, in a sense, compared to other
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