Marketing And The Marketing Revolution Essay

Marketing And The Marketing Revolution Essay

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Marketing is not a static construct, but it grows and develops over time to become what is known as marketing today. “The marketing revolution divides neatly into four separate eras’, eras’ which parallel rather closely the classic pattern of development in the marketing revolution.” (Keith, 1960). The first of these 4 eras was until the 1930’s and was production and profit orientated, and are considered to be outdated. During this era “the new product decision was product oriented not marketing orientated.” (Keith, 1960). “The second era was a sales oriented era, whereby marketing was seen as a series of activities designed to produce profit through ascertaining, creating, stimulating, and satisfying the needs/wants of a selected segment of the market.” (Eldridge, 1970, p. 4). The 3rd and 4th eras are a representation of what marketing is seen as today. As explained by Shultz (2007), “at present, marketing is seen as a societal function and a systemic set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer and societal relationships in ways that benefit local and global stakeholders of these processes.” Marketing is an ever-changing concept and its definition will change, with the “concept of the consumer at the center” (Keith, 1960), with businesses adjusting to the changing needs and tastes of the consumers. Value is an integral part of marketing (Newman, 2015). If consumers are provided with goods and ideas of greater value by a business compared to its competitors, that have shown the businesses in depth market research taken in order to fulfill its consumer’s particular needs then it can create longer affiliations with the consumers due to the level of satisfaction and qualit...

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...g strategy will result in long term relations being built and consumer trust and brand loyalty being gained, fostering a successful future for the thriving business.

Marketing creates a relationship between consumers and a brand via communication, this medium is heavily dependent on effect and efficient market research as well as the markets needs and wants in terms of value. Organisations need to promote their products in a way to create demand for the product by consumers. Queen Victoria Market, has an array of different markets and stalls to meet the needs of various customer preferences and choices to allow consumers to express themselves thoroughly. The experience a consumer has received or endured will reflect the larger, long-term sustainability and functionality of the business 's relationship with its consumers based on their level of satisfaction.

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