Marketing Process of An Herbal Shampoo

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Abstract Marketing is a essential part of a business because it helps to control the way that goods or services are sold. When marketing a specific product or service it is crucial to be well informed in all aspects of marketing, which include the marketing mix, marketing strategy, target market in which you will offer your product and the environmental factors that could effect how your product is received, including social and cultural difference, competition, economic and technological aspects. In this paper I will explain how I will market the product which I have chosen. An Herbal Shampoo brand called "Herbalize." The Marketing Process of Product "Herbalize" Introduction In order for my product to be successful, I strategize a marketing plan. Market Research is one of the main steps taken in the initial process of strategizing a marketing plan, The primary function of market research is to identify the customers needs and views. During the market research of my product, I discovered that because of the competition, (Herbal Essence Shampoo brand) my product would really need to stand out on the market. Also, during that research I discovered that Herbal Essence?s sales had dropped 6% over the last 2 years, because of their marked up prices. These were great pieces of information, as they will serve helpful during the marketing mix portion of my marketing strategy. The marketing mix is one of the first steps taken in applying an overall marketing strategy for your product. A Marketing Mix is the combination of product offerings used to reach a target market for the organization. (Armstrong & Kotler 2007) The marketing mix includes product, price, promotion and place (also known as distribution) My product is a high... ... middle of paper ... ... It really all depends on your target market. Marketing is always geared towards the customer. Without the customer, your business will not be successful. There are many ways that marketing strategies and tactics such as the ones I listed above for my new shampoo can be used to boost product sales and distribution. But, many factors come into play- the environmental factors and the technological factors, including competition. With developing a well organized and strategize marketing plan for any business or service it is important to remember to first plan, research, analyze, understand the customers needs and wants, then implement. References Kotler, P., (1990) Marketing Management: Analysis Planning and Control, Prentice-Hall p. 102. Armstrong G. & Kotler P. (2007) Marketing: An Introduction 8E Upper Saddle River, NJ Pearson Prentice Hall Publishers

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