Marketing Analysis : Marketing Automation Essay

Marketing Analysis : Marketing Automation Essay

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Marketing Automation is one of the most talked about technology in the B2B market. Estimates of automation adoption is projected to hit 50% by the year 2015, meaning that over the coming years, plenty of companies will be sifting through the various vendors to determine what solution fits best.
As more and more companies are looking to adopt automation to manage their leads and prospects, they are quickly realizing there is more to making the move to automation than just a technology purchase.
For many marketers, purchasing this type of technology is unchartered territory. So, it’s vital that they understand what they’ll need in order to make their technology investment successful.
Here are five things every organization should consider before investing in a marketing automation service.
Lead ManagementEven with staggering statistics of the adoption and benefits of marketing automation, other research shows that many organizations have not achieved a level of process maturity and therefore are not getting the full value from their automation investments.
I’ve personally talked with numerous marketers that are currently paying for automation services, yet using the technology at a low capacity. It’s like having a smartphone yet only using it to make calls.
Organizations need to consider analyzing and developing a Lead Management Process. This alone will help you to get the maximum return from your investment. I encourage you to whiteboard your process out and then formally document it for all involved departments to review.
You should consider:
Identifying your leads. Develop your buyer personas and what their buying questions are.
Creating a scoring/grading structure f...

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...ou should be! “Bells and whistles” do not mean much if they are not being used.
There are a lot of considerations when it comes to selecting the right marketing automation solution. However if you know your target leads, are collaborating with sales, producing content to educate your audience, and have a team that sees revenue generation as a key aspect of their job, you’re on the right track for successfully automating your marketing efforts.
If you’re looking into marketing automation and have questions about integration with your website or want to learn how Drupal is a perfect CMS for marketing automation, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to discuss any specific issues with your website and how we can help you address them quickly.
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