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Starbucks is one of the largest coffee franchises in the world. With over 26,000 stores in 64 countries, the company has the right to brag about this. One of the problems which Starbucks is currently being faced with is the brand being watered down by over expansion and a too diverse product mix. With McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts entering into the specialty coffee market, Starbucks needs to alter the path which it is going in order to remain competitive in this industry.
In order to bring Starbucks back to the glory which it was when it initially started, the company needs to halt expansion, increase marketing efforts, and work towards a better “Starbucks experience”. During the years before 2008, Starbucks was rapidly expanding at a rate which no one expected. Due to this, the company was hit hard during the 2008 recession. One of the best ways which Starbucks can help its image is by working to get back to the original “Starbucks experience”.
One of the main problems which Starbucks is currently facing is the watered down “Starbucks experience”. Over the years the baristas and the atmosphere of Starbucks locations have lost the appeal which they originally possessed. The baristas which work at Starbucks have lost their personal touch of customer service, as well as the connection which should be made with the customers. If baristas were taught how to properly make drip coffee, engage the customer, teach them about the product which they are consuming, etc. then the company could bring back the original vision. A passionate barista which knows about the product has the ability to teach consumers, as well as share the craft that is roasting coffee. Another problem which has occurred over the years is the lack of pos...

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...o open stores where they previously do not have any then not only will the company increase presence, but it will also not be in competition with other Starbucks stores. Within North Carolina, Starbucks should open locations in Asheboro, Lexington, and Clinton to name a few. These are cities which do not currently have a Starbucks location nearby and could benefit from the introduction of Starbucks in the community.
In order for Starbucks to come back from the problems which they obtained in 2008, the company needs to strategically place new locations, bring back to coffee house experience that customers expect, as well as limit the product offerings which they currently offer. If the company could implement these changes, then Starbucks could bring back the original vision of offering a quality experience to the people that matter most to them; their customers.
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