Marketing Analysis : Iphone 's Operating System Essays

Marketing Analysis : Iphone 's Operating System Essays

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Everyone knows Android and Apple have been rivals for years now. Each company has been developing new software and technology each year to prove who’s worthy of the #1 title. They have been competing with each other messenger, price difference, app store, product line, restrictions, and even marketing strategies. In 2012, Samsung, an Android represent, was forced to pay Apple $548.2 million for copyright infringement. This gives society a general idea of the rivalry between the two companies. I personally, along with many other consumers prefer Apple products due to its reliance and simplicity in design of software, iOS.
IOS, iPhone’s Operating System, is the software that is used in majority of Apple products. iOS was created by Apple on June 29, 2007. When creating a new generation of phones, they wanted software that would be unique. Once produced, Apple made continued to make advancements by creating incorporating new concepts into the software and design each year. These concepts were structured around a consumer’s everyday life and what they would want in the future. A great example of the futuristic technology is Siri, an automated system created to answer a wide range of questions and help use the iPhone hands-free.
Android is a software created by Google in 2003 on a HTC phone. ‘In October 2003, a group of young computing experts came together to establish a software development company that would go on to revolutionize the cellular mobile phone as we knew it.’ Android has also made some technological advancement in technology by creating a new update each year. However unlike the iOS system, each new Android update causes a reboot in the phone as the software is replaced. Also since Android is a wide array of companies,...

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...d showing that each one is different and the key features that make it different. Google, an Android software user, has a different approach by giving the responsibility to the manufacturers which compete with each other too. Price is a huge difference because Macbooks are almost three times the cost of some Chromebooks, but apple does have a smaller desktop computer that competes with the Chromebook line. Its called the Mac Mini, which is price at five hundred dollars which is high amount for such a small thing but it 's very powerful and reliable. Even the lowest priced desktop for apple doesn’t compare to the lowest priced Chromebook which is half the amount. Last is the products quality of their product lines and how that creates product awareness. Apple focus on their software and making computers and phones better and simply enough for a baby to use it almost.

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