Marketing Analysis : Birdy Mobile Essay

Marketing Analysis : Birdy Mobile Essay

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Birdy Mobile was an interesting concept and you have taken a creative approach to developing an alternative mobile network offering. However, I 'm not convinced that you have identified a powerful consumer problem or market need. You needed to evidence your proposition that other telecommunications providers were not offering this service. You also needed to evidence that there were no competitors offering this service.

What went well?

You took a reasonable approach to developing your proposition and you demonstrated some logical thinking by developing an interesting concept and theme.

You have identified a potentially lucrative target consumer group who are tied into mobile contracts and are looking for a more flexible alternative. Although you needed to describe them in more detail. For example, are you targeting those consumers who already have contracts in place or are you looking to target the pay as you go consumers or a new type of consumer?

Your launch campaign was interesting with a freedom inspired theme and reasonable range of social media coverage.

What didn 't go well

There was no support for your rationale, where research evidence was needed to prove the
concept. For example, the telecommunications market is shying away from locked contracts with the core telecommunication suppliers providing other solutions to consumers and more choice and flexibility?

The pricing strategy or a starting monthly price of £14.99 could have been better supported as to the rational for this price point? The market is currently quite competitive with internet, landline and mobile contracts being offered for less than £25 per month. There are also providers of free phone calls and messaging services (such as What...

... middle of paper ...

...What is the incentive for the major telecommunications companies to cooperate with you? How would you persuade them to let you have access to their networks in this way? And so on.

• You needed to have a more planned approach to the commercial viability of building your app by considering the investment and the competitiveness you will need both in the features and benefits to survive. Global reach and borderless mobile might have been more disruptive and option to pursue?

• Also consider how you might improve your presentation. For example, by making the slides more clear and concise thinking about the strategic planning process and flow as well as the criteria you were being evaluated on would have helped to insure key elements were not overlooked. The tone was also quite aggressive and perhaps not the best way to approach a communication for potential investors.

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