Advantages of Direct Marketing

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Reasons for moving to direct marketing and the objectives of the


There are a lot of benefits the T-Mobile can get from using direct

marketing and its techniques. If the direct marketing programme is in

place then the opportunities of the business progressing are very


The first objective of using direct marketing is to have customer

retention and activation as well as recognising that the best way for

a company to improve is by keeping its existing customers. This

objective is very important. The direct marketing activities help this

objective by reinforcing the original buying decision and then by

building the relationship that is good with customers step by step.

Along this process are when you get the customers to repeat the

purchase of a mobile phone or any other products like hands free, car

chargers and many other services provided by T-Mobile like texting

etc. There is need to have an effective relationship with customers

and direct marketing does that by setting up a marketing database.

With today’s technical advances it is becoming easy for businesses to

take full advantage of an effective database management and marketing


The other objective is that of increasing revenue. If you have a solid

relationship with your customers, you will encourage T-Mobile

customers to buy better and even more expensive phone as well as

persuading them to use as many services provided as possible. This

will increase the revenue of the company and also benefiting the

customers. The chances of the company to retain customers are if they

buy more services and handsets and also will increase sales.

The other objective is that of achieving cross- selling. This is

persuading customers to buy the products of T-Mobile over a large

range of products. The chances of the T-Mobile company to have of

retaining its customers is through the customers buying more and

different range of products offered by the company.

The other objective of the T-Mobile is getting the customers that had

defected to other mobile networks back. The T-Mobile company has a

number of competitors for example, O2, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin and as

the mobile industry is very competitive T-Mobile has lost some of its

customers so it is very important to have direct marketing activities

that will help in getting those customers back. This can happen if the

company extents its promotions to the apsed customers. This will

provide a very high response rate because the past customers will be

re-active again and if that direct marketing continue being like that

then it proves the success of the company.

The other objective of the direct marketing techniques is through

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