Marketing Analysis : Benq Cooperation As A Taiwanese Multinational Company, Benq India Launched A Campaign

Marketing Analysis : Benq Cooperation As A Taiwanese Multinational Company, Benq India Launched A Campaign

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BenQ Cooperation as a Taiwanese multinational company, BenQ India launched a campaign “ Reconnect with your family with BenQ home video projectors”. This campaign target families especially indian families and aim to accentuate spending time with family, emphasize family values and eventually drive demand of home video projectors. The campaign is leveraged through digital marketing, on-ground experience, print advertisement, tv commercial advertisement and retail. The text is a press release published on 26 May 2016 from the BenQ India official website. BenQ India as the client, the advertorial will be supporting to the campaign, showing the same angle with campaign message. The following paper will deconstruct the advertorial, drawing upon Fairclough 's’ model of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) to illustrate the capacity of discursive practice to facilitate social practice of the real world.

BenQ vision as “ Bringing enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to life”, the brand focus on the aspects most influence to people today - lifestyle, healthcare, business and education. In this campaign, it aim to address the importance of family bonding, by sharing various emotions, enjoying the moment of togetherness in the busy life. The message of “ Reconnect with your family with BenQ home video projectors” highlights the the theme that the brand encourage people spend more time with their family members and relatives, so as to enjoying movie times by using BenQ home video projectors at home.

According to Kress (1989) the manipulative potential of a text is reliant upon the formulation of an ideal reading position, achieved by “coercing the reader, by its ‘obviousness’ and ‘naturalness’ step into the reading position shaped in the t...

... middle of paper ... a neo-marxist field of study concerned with an examination of the relationship between language and power, aims to make the unobserved explicit within the eyes of the reader. (Fairclough and Wodak, 1997) CDA consists with three inter-related process to analysis how use of language constructs in the text and how it relates to social practice. By employing the Fairclough’s model, this paper will analysis and interpret how an language and style use in the advertorial construct social values on family relationship.
Advertorial is a marketing piece decide to look and read like an informative article, the headline setted to interest audiences and the text inside engages reader with the information more than the “sale contents”. Compare with advertisement, it have less “sales contents” so that it is make audience more comfortable as they read a more informative passage.

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