Essay on The Many Questions Facing the Human Existence

Essay on The Many Questions Facing the Human Existence

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Philosophy 101 Essay 3
There are many questions that face human existence. Questions that we ask others and ourselves, while we try to find meaning. When there seems to be no clear or true answer then this puzzles humanity as we have a longing to understand and a longing for clarity. There are tons of philosophical questions one can think of or ask but they all seem to boil down to one single question. Does life have meaning? This question has been pondered over since human existence. After searching this world for an answer and not finding a concrete reply, this can be a frustrating experience. How can we continue to survive and live but not know what our actual place is within this world? When no answer is provided this is an act of absurdity as we do not understand but some how continue to be. This world and all that is finite does not provide an answer to our longing need to understand our position within the world. Human existence is absurd because human existence seeks an answer to our meaning within life and the world is quiet not providing us with a concrete answer.
Absurdity connects two motives together that are seen as almost irrelevant to each other. An act of absurdity consists of ridiculous events that are wildly unreasonable. Illogical and preposterous can be used to better understand how absurdity is defined. To become absurd is to say that something is just not logically correct. To say that human existence is absurd is to say that the human experience is rightfully a feeling that is not correct. Human existence is absurd as a physical presence within this world along as a mentally absurdity too. The physical absurd presence of humans within this world can be understood if you take a step back t...

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...ical gestures, death, and intelligence revealing the absurdity. Suicide is not an answer to resolving but rather an act of running away from something that is not that big of a deal. Among the absurdity that life consists of we need to continue to live our life and strive to find meaning. We need to provide for ourselves first in order to have fitness and flourishing. We also need to help others find meaning in the world through fitness and being able to flourish. Eudemonia comes if we grow the better parts of our live while finding meaning in work, friendships, and expressing our talents. Though life is absurd it is only a feeling that can be dealt with through living, flourishing, and providing for others. Life will continue to be absurd and it’s a fact we cannot change so we need to continue to strive to flourish and find meaning elsewhere among our lives.

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