Suicide: The Story Behind It

Suicide has become one of the many means that problematic individuals take into consideration to exempt from an unpleasant or oppressive situation. Suicide can be generally defined as the act of causing one’s death usually out of despair. People who are likely to commit suicide are those who suffer from severe mental illnesses and are involved with alcohol and drugs. Other than that, individuals who are experiencing unemployment and divorce can also be possible victims to commit such act. Based on the study done in the year 1997, an average of fifteen-percent who are clinically depressed ended up committing suicide. Furthermore, suicide was the eighth leading cause of death in the US (“Suicide”). It is prevalent for depressed individuals to consider suicide when major issues in life do not work out well. The big question is, what makes a person thinks that ending his or her life can help oneself to escape from the reality when life has so much more to offer?

The reasons why people choose suicide over resolving tangled problems are complex. However, one big cause of suicide is the feeling of helplessness that one feels after going through rough phases in life. Helplessness usually leads to depression that can further lead to suicide. Some may feel unloved and victimized in a way that triggers their thoughts of suicide. For some other helpless individuals, suicide seems to be the only option left that they should take in order to escape from what was going on. They may regard suicide as some sort of an “escapade”. In addition, suicide enables them to get relief from awful feelings like frustration and rejection. Besides, teenagers who committed suicide or planned to do so were most likely to be under pressure or stressed out due t...

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... is even considered as an option due to many reasons such as depression and the feeling of hopelessness that bring us to the effects of suicide on other people. However, suicide cases can be decreased if and only if everyone plays their parts in making it work. All in all, suicide is never the best way to solve a problem. It may seem like the only “way out” to avoid dealing with the difficulties in the real world. However, there are always other choices that we can choose from in order to resolve complications that we face from day to day. As quoted from the famous saying, “if there is a will, there is a way”.

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