Essay on The Many Benefits of Violent Video Games

Essay on The Many Benefits of Violent Video Games

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Violent video games are a source of entertainment for young people today. However, some people view violent video games as a dangerous influence in society. Violent video games are not all bad and should be embraced, because of holistic benefits and shaping the world of tomorrow as well as understanding why young people play.
Playing video games may actually improve one’s health. Anxiety is a fear that can affect a player’s state of wellness. According to The American Pain Society, In 2010, video games with emphasis on virtual reality have been effective in lowering anxiety or pain caused by medical procedures or incurable sickness ( Guerini). With proven studies, violent video games should not be seen as negative if reducing common fears people experience. Another common health risk some people may experience in life is cancer. Research shows, video games like Re-mission, when cancer patients played they had better cancer related information and devotion to cancer treatment programs (Foley).In addition video games may be a cure for mental illnesses such as depression. In 2012, researchers designed a video game in New Zealand called SPARX use to battle depression with teenagers showing forty-four percent recovery and described the game,

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“more fun and active than traditional counseling”(Guarini).So if regular counseling is not working to treat depression, maybe people should see video games as an alternative cure. If
video games can help people endure cancer and reduce anxiety and depression, society should embrace the healthy benefits video games can aid.
Ever since video games were released, they have continued to evolve in popularity and have shaped the world today. In fact, some games have inspired people t...

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