Managing Meetings : Management, Team Attendance At Meetings And At The End Of The Group Task

Managing Meetings : Management, Team Attendance At Meetings And At The End Of The Group Task

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1. Manage Meetings: Time Required/When/Where/Frequency? Face-to-face or virtual?

We set up the meeting at 1:30-5:30 pm on every Tuesday in the library.

2. What are your team goals? Eg Grades, quality of output, equal participation, learning from others? etc

We aim at winning the competition in order to obtain the highest grade, share knowledge among the team members and practice teamwork skills.

3. How will you measure performance during and at the end of the group task? – eg Quality management, team attendance at meetings; meeting deadlines etc

During the group task, the performance is measured by how each group member contributes to the decision for each round. As we have divided our task into several parts, the manager of each part needs to come up with the decision for that part based on our company’s situation in accordance with our strategy before our group meeting and during the meeting, each manager needs to present their decision to the group and the group will make the final decision. We will record whether their decision is made on time (before our internal deadline). Meanwhile, we will also record the attendance in every meeting. At the end of the group task, the performance is measured by the company’s overall performance compared to our competitors.

4. How do you think you will you resolve problems/conflict/lack of co-operation/disruptive behaviour, etc?

At the beginning of our team formation, we committed to respect each member’s opinion and we aim at creating a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere. We make sure that everyone can have a say and all team members are free to ask questions and have different opinions. In terms of other co-operation problems or conflicts, we will be direct, clarify what is go...

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...decision before our internal due date. In addition, we have decided our strategy that we need to follow during the completion. Also, we have created our norms for our team (‘code of conduct’) to guide our behaviours in the group work. After that, we established our evaluation methods to evaluate our performance for each round and our goal completion.

7. Briefly describe the strategy your group will follow at the start (this can be changed as you progress)

We will focus on being a differentiator in the competition. During the first two rounds, we will firstly focus on broad differentiator by improving our overall products quality. Then we will try to eliminate some products such as low-end and traditional segments in the following rounds, be a niche differentiator, and therefore, we can be more focused on segments such as high-end, size, and performance, which ca

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