Collaborative Public Management: Impleful Collaborative Management In The Workplace

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Where do we Begin
In order to have a successful collaborative management in the workplace, you must first define what makes up a successful collaborative management. Collaboration, communication, and teamwork are three key elements that make up collaborative management. Then we will compare will both public and private managers to identify if there are any similarities among the two organizations. This paper will look into Jane Fountains (2013) report “Implementing Cross-Agency Collaboration: A Guide for Federal Managers,” to identify collaboration and Rosemary O’Leary and Nidhi Vij (2012) essay “Collaborative Public Management: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?” essay on their views and conclusion regarding collaboration to ultimately
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Denhardt et al (2016) came up with some useful suggestions to keep in mind when approaching collaborations, communication and teamwork: have clarity on the goals of the team; that means come up with a clear teams mission, vision, and goals that outline each individual purpose and task. Clearly communicate and define the roles, actively listen to other members of the team and have formally designated roles for each team member (Denhardt, Denhardt, & Aristigueta, 2016). Have a reason to listen and suspend judgement. Having a reason or purpose to listen increases motivation to listen well and find a reason or purpose to listen will help focus on all of the other principles and techniques (Denhardt, Denhardt, & Aristigueta, 2016). Other things to consider are: resist distractions wait before responding and think before you speak. These are effective communication approaches that each person should take while in an individual/group collaboration. Nonverbal communication is another approach during collaboration. Body language can be a key that sends a message to your collaboration group without you even knowing it. Nonverbal communication is becoming an especially important topic as people from different cultures interact more frequently and has different culturally approved ways of expressing themselves nonverbally (Denhardt, Denhardt, & Aristigueta, 2016). To be a successful collaborative management in the workplace, you must actively communicate with your team members and be open to new
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