Management Skills Can Be Taught Essay

Management Skills Can Be Taught Essay

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Management skills can be taught. Leaders can be developed. Organizations that make specific efforts to train develop their leaders benefit from lower turnover and higher employee satisfaction, at both the manager level and with their individual contributors (Andonovic, Zhabevska-Zlatevski, Lisichkov & Dimitrov, 2015; Drucker, 2002; Romano, 1994; Stefl, 2008) The challenges for leaders in the healthcare industry share many of the same challenges of leadership development in general, but also some challenges specific to their field (Leicher & Collins, 2016; Moore, Sublett & Leahy, 2016)
This project will work with a local healthcare organization that is seeking to revitalize and improve their management training program. The Learning & Organizational Development Manager (heretofore known as the “Learning Manager”) is the owner of the project, my point of contact, and was once a work colleague. We have a shared passion for leadership development, good design principles, and organizations that endeavor to improve their communities. I am not employed by this organization, but they are entrusting me with improving their training, which I will develop at no charge in exchange for being able to use this project as my WGU capstone.
This topic is relevant to the field of education because it is imperative to know how best to train our healthcare managers so that they, in turn, have job satisfaction, low turnover and employee engagement, and can continue to devote their expertise to providing and even improving the quality of healthcare within their organization, while setting an example to other organizations as well.
There already exists a number of well-researched and documented leadership training models for the healthcare industry (DeCa...

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...m their regular workload. Research supports that having hands-on “practical wisdom” experience is critical to success, and suggests ways that training could simulate that (Cathcart & Greenspan, 2013).
The second resource constraint is financial. As a not-for-profit organization, the budget constraints are tight, reports the Learning Manager. The strong fiscal oversight and careful intake of funds makes requests for increasing budgets a perpetual struggle.
A final resource constraint is the lack of trainer time. There is not a devoted trainer resource for this course, the Learning Manager must schedule a number of SMEs sequentially to deliver their course content independently. Though receptive to feedback, they are not training experts and consequently are more comfortable with reading prepared text and slides, than with facilitating interactive learning experiences.

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