The Man Who Had Arrived From The Darkness Essay

The Man Who Had Arrived From The Darkness Essay

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In the night there was a man who had arrived from the darkness. He seemingly evaporated from it, a ghastly spirit he was who held tightly to the briefcase he seemed to bring directly from the grave he was buried within. There wasn 't anywhere to look when he entered, for he stammered loudly between the grunts he breathed out and slopped across the floor in a slumped stance over to the counter of just another Ohio gas station diner spaced cross the plains, which apparently stuck in a good variety of holes for corpses among the corn.

Not only was he loud in comparison to the hushed tone of the tight-knit biker and truck community that were all sitting a good distance from the door on his entry, but his visage was strange for the area. A suit caked in a grotesque amount of the dirt he assuredly had funneled out of in his Frankenstein re-birth was draped over him like an over-sized robe. It had been years definitely and the bones that could not even support the clothing showed - this is why it was shocking. The suit held to its own among the ripped plaid flex shirts, the button ups of tattoo ridden boyfriends who wanted to impress their girls (who were too busy throwing up in the bathroom over the orgies of yesterday) - it was like the suit spoke of a whole new world.

There was still silence, where the fryers rested in a constant buzz as they grilled, burgers occasionally spurting out juices for excess sound that conjoined in a shock as he suddenly took to shrill at the crowd. The ragged corpse of a man flung himself around loosely as screams erupted out from him and the faces of the onlookers – behind the seats in the booths some hid, or those still stern on the stools with their coffee untouched grunted at the action – grew abhor...

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...between one of its gusts his foot jammed forward like a large spiked doorstop. With good footing, he shoved at the door with the same reserved anger shown smoking the cigarette; the door banged loudly its stopping wall and sent a few chips flying down like hail onto the floor. Widely open, everyone could see the void desert they were actually in, with the howling wind flowing by that played with the door actually brushing in a bit of sand to taste for the patrons. It didn 't cure the strict cold faces they kept on like masks waiting for the close of the play.

The curtains closed when the chef spoke, his amplified voice echoing between the interior of the diner and the entire desert before him:

"I 'm taking this kid home – you morons can bury the lunatic."

All the scowls painted into frowns with only the flinging back and forth of the door left to keep them company.

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